A waaayyy too personal post. Carry on with caution.

Passion identity crisis, is there such? I have been enjoying downtime for far too long, that my actual busy status has turned into full-blown excuses. Truth be told, sadly, I am still under the quarter-life-crisis spell; “I am in my late 20s, and do I actually know what I want to do with my life? Or would I take steps once again and see where it goes? Who am I?” My blogging career takes the 2nd place on my what-shall-i-do-about-it list. I have been blogging since Xanga days and have jumped from one platform to another, that I feel like blogging has been a big part of my life, or so I thought. But, see, I am torn between pushing through or packing my online life and leave? Am I too old for this? Heart says, stay, but if I’ll stay, what should I talk about? My life is pretty boring, you won’t really take much from it. Besides, this world is saturated by bloggers who are popping out of nowhere; what’s my edge?

This space right here, was a product of my spontaneity. One day, I just thought of making my blogging life official that as soon as I got my debit card, I eagerly bought a domain and got me a clean slate in the form of WordPress; fun fact, I have set up this account 2010-ish and have been empty until 2015. Tumblr was too cool back then that WordPress just feels like, too mature for my young self. At the time of domain acquiring, I didn’t even have an established brand plan nor a theme, I didn’t know it was a thing, a requirement at that. Never thought that 1 year later, I’ll be all stressed out, figuring out where I actually fit in. I thought, it starts and ends with a domain and a platform.

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READ Magazine Article (+ Additional Photography Tips)

I have been on hiatus for a short-while on this blog. I have been taking the time off, while I try to figure out what’s next. (If you haven’t noticed, I cleaned up my blog a bit and organized my categories, and after doing so, I was once again stuck) The urge of creating, of writing, starts to creep in; I know the desire to create is there, but every time I try to write, all I get is a blinking cursor |. Until I got an email from a publishing company, asking if I would be interested to be a guest writer. And people, right there, is a sign. I realized, that maybe, just maybe, I am really made for this whole writing and blogging thing, that I should carry on and continue creating, that I am made to share and tell stories.

Moving forward, I was told to share photography tips on how to achieve the perfect OOTD. I got thrilled because it’s a combination of things I love doing; photography and writing. In addition to that, it’s actually my first time to have a magazine publish my article / work, an actual article I’ve written. So it’s surely one for the books. Yay!

Self-portraits by @jvntabernilla

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Summer used to be my favorite season, that’s when I was still living in a tropical country and summer and rainy-stormy weather are all I know. Having to live in a desert country kind of turned my happy-exciting relationship with summer, into a love-and-hate kind. You can’t blame me when it feels like 50• outside, add onto that the humidity.

One of the things that I love about Dubai is how everything is accessible and available. A mere 10 min. tram ride will bring me to a beach. Compare to what used to be a 3-6 hours drive to the nearest beach from Manila.

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The wheel has been turned. I used to hate looking all girly and I always wear jeans when I was young, but now, most of the items in my closet are either dresses or skirts. And by most items, I mean, 95% of my clothes. You’ll probably see me wearing pants 5x a year and shorts, mostly on weekend day outs only. All that being said, picking a pretty summer dress from GARAGE’s catalogue is a must. I tried to pick a different outfit for a change, but I always go back to dresses.

An hour later, after I stepped out of the house – A boiling 39° that felt like 50° weather. Sweating like a pig. Feeling all tired right away – I decided to go back home and freshen up, before we step out again for a day of exploration. I changed into another GARAGE outfit that screams nothing, but, “hello, summer!”. This outfit is not only pretty, but very comfortable. It made the hot day of exploration more bearable; my skin can breathe!

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Spring girl, in the middle of desert summer, trapped in the city.

First things first. Let’s get this straight, I am not a “fashion blogger”. As much as I love fashion, I am not one to become a fashion blogger; I just don’t feel like I belong in that bracket (I still feel awkward to be in front of the camera and taking OOTDs for me feels weird. maybe because I gained a looot of weight), although, some people think I am one cause most of my blogger friends are fashion bloggers; so excuse me as I talk about fashion today.

I may not know the right fashion terminologies nor pro at taking outfit shots, but it’s not a secret – I love dressing up. I would always get giddy over pretty outfits on store display and I would always dream of attending NY and Paris Fashion Week.

Moving forward…

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I’m not much of a burger fan; I dislike how greasy it can get. But less greasy burger with soft buns? It’s a different story.

For our first family day out in Dubai, being The Beach  as our first stop, we thought of eating at Shake Shack for dinner since we don’t have SS in Manila and it’s w o r t h a try (too bad, I wasn’t able to try the original one in NYC).

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Maybe, in my past life, I am Japanese (or not).

I love everything Japanese! Kawaii~ From matcha green tea, to crazy Kit Kat flavors, to dreaming of walking the busy and lively streets of Tokyo to living there (thanks, GIRLS for the life-in-Japan sneak peak). I feel like I can live Shoshana’s Japan life and be all, “Why am I here?” when I go back home.

Last Tuesday, I took a local leave so I’ll get to spend more time with my sister and lola (they’re here for a 2-week vacation). My aunt picked us up and then we drove to Atlantis; our exploration itinerary. First things first, lunch.

Along the road of Palm Jumeirah is Miyabi, a sushi and bento restaurant. It’s quite hidden, I think, but it’s not hard to find, it’s just near Barrel.

As soon as you enter, you’ll instantly feel a Japanese homey vibe. I’ve never been in Japan, but this is exactly the feel that the movies and TV series shows that I watch portrayed. It’s a bit dark, but the natural light outside compensates. It was quiet when we got there as we were the only customers at that time. Continue reading